Solutions for your industry

Solutions Architect Group understands the day to day challenges of your educational institution. Whether you are K -12 or Higher Education, Solutions Architect Group leans on our extensive past experience and past projects to provide solutions unique to Education.
  • Special education pricing
  • Custom discounted services
  • Free onsite consulting
Solutions Architect Group understands the enormous IT challenges that come with a large enterprise business. We have extensive experience with highly available – mission critical IT solutions, that have to be flexible. Everything from automation, migration to and from the cloud, IOT, Virtualization, Mission Critical hardware and Operating Systems, Mission Critical Storage and Networking. There is nothing too big we can not handle.
  • No cost onsite evaluation and consulting
  • Expert documentation and knowledge transfer
  • ITIL certified
  • PMP certified
  • IT staff augmentation

Solutions Architect Group understands the unique challenges that come with owning a small, medium business. We have low touch highly available solutions that will give your business a competitive advantage. We know how expensive it is to have full time IT staff handling your everyday needs. Solutions Architect Group has staff augmentation or can be your IT staff to resolve all of your daily IT issues professionally and quickly. We have certified IT professionals that can resolve IT issues quickly, so your business can get back to what it does best!
  • Manufacture/OEM certified Systems Engineer and Solutions Architects
  • Remote or Onsite IT technical support to resolve your daily IT needs
  • No cost consulting
  • Low cost hardware purchasing and cloud enablement for either your entire infrastructure or for specific programs/applications.
Solutions Architect Group understands government business. We Deliver on-time and with results that can be measured. Providing no cost consultations to assist IT teams to develop a complete IT solution with the proper Build of Materials that can be submitted to supplier management/ procurement. This ensures what is purchased will be the solution that actually will be shipped and delivered and will actually work when its implemented onsite. Solutions Architect Group works with proper DOD requirements from FIPS-1,2,3 compliancy to Multi Level Security requirements to proper data erasure on SSD’s and any media that retains confidential data.
  • Secret – to – Top Secret – cleared IT engineers and solutions architects that can assist any IT project. Data erasure services that is DOD compliant.
  • Experience, Understanding and Know how on your encryption implementation to provide a build of materials that will secure all of your data – at rest or in flight – and give you options to manage all of your keys.
  • Large bandwidth and fully secure IT solutions with 5 nines uptime.
  • Low cost hardware purchasing and cloud enablement for either your entire infrastructure or for specific programs/applications.
  • No cost onsite consulting with no commitments
Solutions Architect Group understands what it means to have real time IT infrastructure that must perform reliably and perform at a high level. Solutions Architect Group understands how to implement and provide the proper Build of Materials needed to provide a fully redundant, highly available, secure IT infrastructure that can perform real time with real time transactions.
  • 99.999% uptime solutions
  • No cost onsite consulting
  • Large bandwidth applications
  • High performance hardware and cloud solutions
Solutions Architect Group understands the challenges that come with the healthcare space. We partner with the largest healthcare application providers, McKesson, Cerner, Siemens, Philips, EPIC, GE Healthcare, AllScripts, CareFusion, Cognizant, Optum, Emdeon, Nuance, Kronos, to provide secure, high performing, fully redundant solutions that can scale on premise or in the cloud. Solutions Architect Group has the experience to work closely with all the healthcare application providers to ensure applications are highly available and perform at the highest level. Solutions Architect Group also understands HIPAA compliancy and how it applies across all data and how to best secure company data and ensure patient privacy.
  • No cost onsite consulting
  • 99.999% uptime of all data
  • Provide the best value with the right mix of high performance and availability of data.
  • PCI compliancy and HIPAA compliant solutions